"Don’t be afraid. Only believe, and she will be healed."
Luke 8:50

Isabelle and Brooklyn

These precious little girls have both been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and my goal is to have everyone keep them in their prayers DAILY! The power of prayer is truly amazing and does work! Please pray for sweet baby Brooklyn, her sister Isabelle, and the entire Medina family. Whether you are close with them or just hear of what wonderful people they are through mutual friends...PRAY. When you're in the car driving or just in bed at night before you go to sleep...PRAY. A simple prayer to the good Lord above for these little girls who are fighting with all their tiny might to beat this! *ALL DONATIONS GO TO THE MEDINA FAMILY*



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why God!?
Why did you pick me for this?
Why does this happen?
Why this sentence for my children?
They didn’t do anything!
Why God??

God replied, “I picked you because you were the perfect parent for these children. This is a sinful world and sometimes things go wrong. I also wanted you to see the blessings in having special children had. Yes, the sorrows will happen. Those are the times that you come to me for comfort and strength. Your children didn’t have a “sentence” they have a limited time on Earth just like everyone else. Your children are suffering yes, but so did mine. I sent mine to Earth for 33 years and watched mine die a terrible death. He did that to save everyone else. If my Son did that for humanity, just think of what your children could do. Be patient and watch. You will see what I do with your children and the legacy that your children are creating

Cystas!! That's the female term for girls with CF...I think it's so cute that they are sisters but also cystas!! Love it!

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